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What’s Your New Year’s Eve Decor Style?

28 Dec

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I did, and I’m still enjoying some time off.

Now it’s time to start thinking about the next holiday – New Year’s Eve!

Are you hosting a New Year’s Eve party?

New Year’s Eve decorating is really an excuse to douse everything in glitter and bling. And who doesn’t want in on that?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further than Pinterest. My picks:

How cute is this?

Source: lisastorms.typepad.com via Julia on Pinterest

Lisa Storms used craft store materials to punch up New Year’s Eve. I especially love the numbered corks.

Source: hostessblog.com via Courtney on Pinterest

This glam New Year’s Eve idea board is from Anders Ruff. Check out her Etsy page for printables! My favorite is the vintage-style mini-champagne labels. So cute!

Source: everythingfab.com via Nicole on Pinterest

Doesn’t this make you feel like you’re floating in a glass of champagne? This decor find is my favorite – simple and classy, but still shimmery and festive! Check out the full party plan at Everything Fabulous.

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?

Home Tour: Mom and Dad’s House

14 Dec

What’s more Christmas than Mom and Dad’s house?

My mom is just as into decorating as I am (go figure), and even though our styles differ sometimes, we love scouring antique stores together for pretty house treasures.

Mom goes all out at Christmas. Check out the house, all decked out for the family coming together in a few weeks:

dining room

Dining Room 2

The dining room is where all the good eating happens at the holidays, so it’s the logical place to start. The antique buffet is a centerpiece for decorations, with a pop of red among the lit garland.

The table is big enough to fit everyone and is dressed with a small tree (when not stuffed with yummy food).


Living Room

Christmas Tree

Next up, the living room. It’s a big room, right in the center of the house. The brick and wood paneling always make it a warm room, but it’s even cozier at Christmas.

The fireplace shines with garland and graceful gold reindeer and the tree lights up the opposite corner of the room. Mom makes sure every table has a bit of Christmas on it, whether it’s a manger scene or a favorite old Christmas card.

(Ignore the foot in the third photo – boys don’t understand the importance of pretty pictures.)

Kitchen Side Table


In the kitchen, mom’s new sideboard is decked out with burlap trees and a little DIY project (fill a glass candle holder with cranberries and a vanilla candle, then wrap the votive with some twine). Don’t you love the Victorian Santas?

Another easy DIY – if you have a pretty Christmas card, frame it! You can use a framed photo you already have and replace it after the holiday.

So, that’s end the house tour at Mom and Dad’s. How’s your Christmas decorating coming? Who hosts Christmas in your family?

How To: Snowflake Garland

2 Dec Snowflakes

This year, I bought my first real Christmas tree.

Well, it’s fake, but real in the sense that it’s taller than me. And takes up significant space in my living room rather than a corner of a hallway table.

My Christmas Tree

I won’t be getting a knock on the door from the Rockefeller Center people anytime soon, but I like it. It’s charming. It’s sparkly. And is there anything better than a room aglow with a Christmas tree?

But see that wall behind the tree? During the rest of the year, there’s a bookcase there with some ever-revolving art propped up to fill the space. The wall feels complete.

But when I moved the bookcase and set up the tree, the wall felt empty. I needed something to pull it all together.

Let’s take a closer look.


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Hmm…a wall to fill…at Christmas time…

Snowflake garland!

I’ve always loved the whimsical look of paper art, especially during the holidays. There’s just something about mixing a little homespun crafting into holiday decor that feels right.

So, I went back to kindergarten a bit. Except this time I used real scissors and I wasn’t wearing saddle shoes (although that would have been awesome.)

Snowflake supplies

Snowflake Garland Supplies

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I used coffee filters to make about 45 snowflakes. If you haven’t done this before, it’s really easy. Here’s a tutorial, but basically, fold your coffee filter in half. Then fold it again. And again. Then snip little shapes out of the sides of your triangle. Do whatever you like, as long as you keep the triangle intact.

Unfold the coffee filter and you’ll have a snowflake, straight up Buddy the Elf style.

You can stop there and use the snowflakes to decorate Christmas gifts.


You've heard of the Rachel Ray garbage bowl? This is the Every Day Pretty craft scraps bowl.

If you want to make the garland, grab some ribbon. I used gold curling ribbon that I had on hand. I liked it because it added a little sparkle to the garland.

Measure the length of your wall and cut the ribbon accordingly.


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Cut several thin strips of tape and carefully tape your snowflakes to the ribbon. You can play with the spacing – I kept stepping back to see how I wanted to position the “snowflakes.” Snowflakes Pin It

Once you’ve got your snowflakes attached to the ribbon, use a slightly larger piece of tape to affix the top of the ribbon to the top of your wall. (You could do this more permantly with a nail or even a Command strip, but the tape has held up for almost a week so it worked for me.)

Repeat until you have enough garland to cover your wall.

Snowflakes Wall

Snowflaskes Wall 2

Snowflakes Wall 3

Snowflakes Wall 4

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I like the way it turned out. Now I just need to add some wrapped gifts under that tree (working on it) and it will feel complete.

Don’t have a wall to cover? Try a mini-version with cupcake liner snowflakes in a doorway!

Have you reverted to kindergarten crafts lately? How’s your Christmas decor coming along? Share in the comments!

The Decking of the Halls, A Prologue

1 Dec

Thanksgiving is over, which means we’ve all eaten our weight in sweet potato casserole (just me?) and….

it’s time to decorate for Christmas!

I’m pretty strict about waiting until after Thanksgiving to break out the baubles. I made an exception last year because I had just moved and my big empty house needed filling and my big empty wallet was not fit to furniture shop. It’s amazing how garland and lights can fill a house up, at least temporarily.

But this year, I was good. I dutifully gave Thanksgiving its due. I love Thanksgiving, so it wasn’t hard, but Christmas decorating was calling.

So last weekend, I stood tippy-toe on a wobbly chair in the Closet o’ Wonder – what’s Christmas decorating without a little danger? – pulled down my Christmas boxes and got to work.

By the time Hugh Grant had completed his canvas of “Wandsworth, the dodgy end” (yes, of course, I watched Love Actually as I decorated – is there another way?) I was just about done. But it took another two days of rearranging and starting at walls (which I tend to do a lot of when I’m decorating) before I was completely happy with the decking of the halls.

Check back soon for a homemade touch I added this year. It was one of those if-it-works-it-will-be-pretty-but-if-it-doesn’t-I’ll-deny-I-ever-mentioned-it projects, you know?

Here’s a sneak peek:


Any guesses?

I’ll be sharing all of my Christmas decor with y’all over the next few weeks, including some ideas from family and friends for big impact, low cost holiday charm.

Can’t stand the suspense? Take a look at the latest Pretty Quick post and make some cozy candles tonight!

Do you have your decorations up yet? Do you have a go-to holiday movie to watch while decorating?

Pretty Quick: Cozy Candles

29 Nov Cozy Candles

What makes a room cozier?


What makes a candle cozier?

A sweater.

Who wants cozy candles?

You, after you see how crazy simple they are to make.

Cozy Candles

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I used a mason jar and two dollar store glass candle holders, all lit by tealights. I grabbed a sweater I no longer wear and cut off both sleeves. I slid the sleeves around the candles (I trimmed a bit for the shorter one) and tada!

Cozy Candles Lit

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Cozy candles.

If you don’t have an old sweater lying around, check Goodwill. You can find an abundance of cozy sweaters there for a dollar or so.

Feelin’ cozy?

Got a Pretty Quick holiday decor trick? Share it in the comments!

Pretty Quick: Charming Wine Glasses

22 Nov

This year, make your wine glasses dress for dinner.

Adding wine charms to your glasses not only fancies them up, but ends the whole “Whose drink is this?” confusion. So grab those naked wine glasses from the cabinet and get inspired. This is something you can do right before your guests arrive and it will make a big impact.

Ornament Wine Charm

This is what I’ll be doing at my Thanksgiving get-together Wednesday night. Buy some mini-ornaments (meant for those mini-trees) and string them on raffia. Cute, huh? A festive pop for your drinks and a little Christmas without putting up the tree.

Here are some other great ideas from the blogosphere:

Centsational Girl Wine Charms

Kate from Centsational Girl  brings the bling with these brilliant DIY wine glass charms. How cute are the personalized ones too?

Scrapbook Wine Charms

Over on Smallgood Hearth, these wine glass charms were made from scrapbook decals! This particular set were for Halloween – you could tweak the idea for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Extra pressed for time? Better Homes and Gardens has you covered. Download their leaf wine glass charms template, print it out and attach to your guests’ glasses.

leaf charm

Are you using wine charms for your holiday parties?