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Pretty Yummy

17 Jan

Today’s topic: food.

Pretty Food

Do you find your food more enjoyable when it’s presented nicely?

I do. Even if I’m just cooking for me, I love having a pretty bowl or plate and a nice glass.

It makes everything taste better, don’t you think?

I’m curious – what do you eat off of at home? Do you use your pretty stuff every day or just on special occasions?

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

23 Nov Thanksgiving Prep


Thanksgiving Prep

Take a minute to notice the pretty all around you.

My kitchen is buzzing today…what are you prepping for the big day?

Countdown to Thanksgiving

11 Nov

Less than two weeks until Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday (as mentioned here). To me, it’s all the festive fun of Christmas, but without all the gimme-gimme gift hoopla. (Not that I don’t love Christmas. Or gifts. Or hoopla.)

Who couldn’t love a holiday entirely devoted to gratitude, spending time with family and eating? Pretty perfect way to spend a Thursday, if you ask me.

Then, there’s the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Oh, my, I do love a parade.

Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer

I realize I’m at the same time too old and too young to get as excited as I do about cartoon floats and mittened television hosts, but to me it’s one of the best things about Thanksgiving.  And, okay, NBC, you got me – it’s the official start to the holiday season.

I know. I’m in marketing. I should know better. But I don’t care – bring on the Broadway dance numbers.

So what is Thanksgiving Day like around your house?

Is your family a dress-for-dinner, place settings kind of crowd? (Images from the gorgeous Layla Grace blog.)

Fancy Thanksgiving

Or is your family more of the come-and-get-it variety?

Casual Thanksgiving

Image found at the always-helpful Real Simple.

Or maybe you plan to spend the day with your friends, ala those wonderful Thanksgiving Friends’ episodes?

Friend Thanksgiving

Image found here. How sweet is this little picnic?

I’d say my family falls somewhere in the middle. The table is usually decked out, but we’re mostly not. And we’ve sat in the same seats at the table for 20 plus years, so no place cards required (although I love the look). As the family grows, however, we may need to invest in name tags.

Can’t wait to hear all about your traditions! Please share in the comments.

Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving-themed posts over the next two weeks. And maybe a another squeal or two about the parade.

I’ll try to contain myself.

But, y’all.

Al Roker!

In ear muffs!

No-Bake Energy Bites

24 Oct

I made these on Sunday around 1 p.m.

By 1:05 p.m., I was pretty much obsessed with them.

The recipe comes from Smashed Peas and Carrots via Pinterest.

I’m not normally a peanut butter fan (I’m the weirdo who doesn’t like peanut butter and jelly), but I decided to give these guys a try because of all the other yummy ingredients.

I also love the idea of a sweet snack that has some protein and antioxidants from the flax seed. And it’s always nice to have a homemade snack on hand to make your home feel a bit more like home.

They’re so customizable. And easy. You probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

That may be their only downside – they are way too easy to make and to eat.

This could be a problem.

Anyway, here’s what you’ll need:

1 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup peanut butter (or other nut butter)
1/3 cup honey
1 cup coconut flakes
1/2 cup ground flaxseed
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
1 tsp vanilla

Mix it all together, let it chill it the fridge for about a half an hour and then roll into balls. They’ll be doughy, kind of like the bits of cookie dough you sneak while you’re baking. (You know you do.)

Store in an air-tight container for up to a week. Trust me, they won’t last that long.

So now that you’ve experienced these lovely little bites, what else do you think you could mix in? Almond butter? Raisins? Walnuts? Dried fruit?

I love that this is a snack that could be as healthy or as unhealthy as you want it to be.