The Changing of the Wreaths

27 Oct

The beginning of each new season is exciting, but in my opinion, fall wins hands down.

Coziness abounds, from breaking out the boots and sweaters to making your home a warm little place to be for the upcoming winter.

Love it.

Each new season brings with it one tradition in my house: The Changing of the Wreaths.

One of my favorite ways to usher in any new season is with a new front door wreath. There are so many styles that are simple to make. And, to me,  the handmade look just adds to the charm.

Back in April, I made this Spring/Summer Wreath that’s been on the front door ever since.Spring Wreath

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It’s pretty, but I feel like I need something a bit more “fall.”

So, the plan this weekend is to create a new one and relegate this one to the back door. (It’s not really a demotion, since we mostly use the back door anyway. Spring/Summer Wreath will still get plenty of love.)

Want to make your own yarn wreath? There are a bunch floating around on Pinterest and they are all a bit different.

I’ll be back next week with a full tutorial, but if you want to get started this weekend, here’s what you’ll need:

Wreath form (I use the Styrofoam forms you can find at craft stores. You can even DIY one if you’re so inclined.)

Yarn (The amount depends on the size of the wreath form, but one ball of yarn should do it.)

Something pretty (I use artificial flowers* from Michael’s, but I’ve seen people use ribbon, grass, etc. )

Hot glue gun

Something good on TV – this might take awhile.

*A word on artificial flowers:  I hate them. I like real, living, breathing flowers. But, for an outdoor wreath , fake flowers are the best option. To make them look as realistic as possible, choose colors that would occur in nature. Turquoise tulips? Step away.

I’ll be back with a tutorial and the finished fall wreath soon.

Until then, I leave you with an image of a fall decorating fail, courtesey of my own front porch.

Deflated Pumpkin

Have you ever seen a pumpkin deflate? I had not, until this morning.

This sad little guy was a victim of our neighborhood squirrels, I believe.

I hope they enjoyed their feast.

Are you up to any Fall decorating this weekend? Any tips on keeping pumpkins squirrel-free?

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