House Hunting: New Orleans

1 Nov

Do you take pictures of other peoples’ houses when you’re on vacation?

No? Just me?

Ahem. Moving on.

I was recently in New Orleans and I was enamored by the charming architecture throughout the city. Of course, the Garden District really won me over, with its quiet residential streets and beautiful old shade trees.

And the houses.


The houses.

Each one was different and oh-so-wonderful.

There was the Benjamin Button house, which was used in the movie as an old folks’ home. Here’s an interesting video with some background information.

Benjamin Button House

It’s for sale, by the way, if you’re in the market. $2 million. Well-worth it to be in that neighborhood – and to own a front porch that Brad Pitt walked on.

Down the street, this gem:

Manning House

I believe this is the Manning home. How lovely is it? I especially love the front porch swing and the brick steps. And, that second story balcony would be perfect for a comfy outdoor chair and a good book.

The trees throughout The Garden District are just what you’d except of a neighborhood by that name.


Now, that’s a climbing tree.

It wasn’t just the tree-lined streets or the beautiful homes that made me fall in love with The Garden District – these people know their fences. Seriously.


How gorgeous is that wrought iron fence? It just pops against the lovely green lawn and purple flowers. It also mimics the railing on the second story balcony. I can just imagine the fence with some full evergreen wreaths at Christmas – perfection.

And just because it’s New Orleans – and to prove I took pictures of something other than strangers’ houses – here’s a little fun in the French Quarter:

French Quarter Parade

Do you house hunt in other cities? Do you have a favorite city to spot beautiful homes?

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