Another Curb Love Story

8 Nov

Lest you think my house is only full of DIYd furniture found on Craigslist or other peoples’ curbs, let me formally state my love for stores, catalogs and all manner of never-before-owned products bought with real money.

That said, y’all are never going to believe what my neighbors were throwing out.

Sewing Machine Table

I know, right?

It’s a Singer sewing machine table. Perfect condition. And just sitting out on my neighbors’ curb on trash day.

With the help of my accomplice, a.k.a. roommate Amanda, the table quickly became part of my living room.

Once I got it inside and did the I-found-something-beautiful-on-the-curb dance (mandatory), I did some digging.

Y’all. People pay real money for these tables. Close to $1,000 in some cases.

Sewing Machine Table 2

I have seen them at antique stores but often, they were missing the sewing machine or the table was in poor condition. This piece is in near-perfect condition. The table top is scratched a bit, but I think it adds to the charm.

Sewing Machine Table 3

Can’t you just imagine the women who have sat at this table and sewn clothing for their families? There’s such a deep history associated with this piece of furniture and, even though I don’t know the stories, I’m so glad I spied it before it met the landfill.

Not so long ago, this table would have played a large role in home making for a family, and since making a home is something that brings me joy, I think the table and I are kind of meant to be. Plus, it was made in New Jersey, just like me.

To me, a piece of furniture like this is to be treasured and passed down in a family along with its stories. I’ll never know whose wedding dress this machine stitched or whose pants it hemmed, but I imagine it did these things and they were part of the humdrum rhythm of a homemaker at work – performing necessary, but most likely, unappreciated tasks.

To see it end up among the broken bottles and leftovers on trash day would have been a disgrace.

Of course the sewing machine doesn’t work now, and even if it did, I would struggle to sew a straight seam with it. But it sits in a pretty corner of my living room, next to the window looking over the curb where I found it.

Sewing Machine Table 4

Lesson? Every piece of furniture has a story. My neighbors may not  have appreciated what they had, but I do.

Keep your eyes open. You’ll see pretty where you least expect it.

Do you have furniture that tells a story?

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