Quite a Character

10 Nov

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Does your home have quirky qualities that add to its charm?

Mine certainly does. It’s a mid-century home with a mysterious past – I think it was once a single-family home that was converted into a duplex, but I’m not sure – and it has a few charming features that add to its character.



Don’t you just kind of want to wear go-go boots on this floor? Maybe that’s just me, but I’ve loved the mod feel of it ever since I moved in. Nothing else in the house is that style, but I think that’s part of the charm. (Story behind the entry bench is here.)

Red Light District

Red Light

If you drive by my house at night, it might look like we’re selling, um, something. We’re not, I assure you. This kitchen light turns the whole kitchen red and emits a funny red glow outside onto our driveway. The crazy thing is, I’ve seen that same red glow from a few other houses in our neighborhood, so I assume there’s a decorator out there who got a bulk deal (or maybe just likes a little risque lighting while they cook. No judgment.)

Closet o’ Wonder


If you lived in my neighborhood, you’d know how marvelous this next quirk is – we have a hall closet that could seriously double as a bedroom. Behold, the Closet o’ Wonder.

It’s a little Harry Potter-chic, being situated under the stairs and all, but it is a dream for two girls sharing a house. Cooking supplies? Handbags? Craft materials? Picnic blankets? Throw it in the Closet o’ Wonder. (Yes, we really call it that.)

This space seems to never be full. Come to think of it, maybe is a little bit magic. (Ignore the messiness. Sadly, the magic does not extend to self-cleaning powers.)

So now it’s your turn. What quirky attributes in your home make you smile? Were they there when you moved in, or are they something you’ve added along the way?

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