The Decking of the Halls, A Prologue

1 Dec

Thanksgiving is over, which means we’ve all eaten our weight in sweet potato casserole (just me?) and….

it’s time to decorate for Christmas!

I’m pretty strict about waiting until after Thanksgiving to break out the baubles. I made an exception last year because I had just moved and my big empty house needed filling and my big empty wallet was not fit to furniture shop. It’s amazing how garland and lights can fill a house up, at least temporarily.

But this year, I was good. I dutifully gave Thanksgiving its due. I love Thanksgiving, so it wasn’t hard, but Christmas decorating was calling.

So last weekend, I stood tippy-toe on a wobbly chair in the Closet o’ Wonder – what’s Christmas decorating without a little danger? – pulled down my Christmas boxes and got to work.

By the time Hugh Grant had completed his canvas of “Wandsworth, the dodgy end” (yes, of course, I watched Love Actually as I decorated – is there another way?) I was just about done. But it took another two days of rearranging and starting at walls (which I tend to do a lot of when I’m decorating) before I was completely happy with the decking of the halls.

Check back soon for a homemade touch I added this year. It was one of those if-it-works-it-will-be-pretty-but-if-it-doesn’t-I’ll-deny-I-ever-mentioned-it projects, you know?

Here’s a sneak peek:


Any guesses?

I’ll be sharing all of my Christmas decor with y’all over the next few weeks, including some ideas from family and friends for big impact, low cost holiday charm.

Can’t stand the suspense? Take a look at the latest Pretty Quick post and make some cozy candles tonight!

Do you have your decorations up yet? Do you have a go-to holiday movie to watch while decorating?

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