Bathtub Dreamin’ (on Such a Winter’s Day)

6 Dec

It got cold here today.

Like make-a-second-cup-of-coffee-just-to-hold-it cold.

One thing I always start dreaming of when it gets chilly is a bathtub. I don’t have one, just a shallow shower/tub combo that is really just a tease.

A great big soaking tub has always been at the top of my someday-home wishlist. Since I rent, a bathroom reno is not really in the cards right now, so let’s do a little bubble bath dreaming, shall we?

(If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I’ve got a bit of a bathtub obsession.)

Clawfoot Tub

I’ve always wanted a clawfoot bathtub. They’re so elegant and retro. Isn’t this one pretty?  Love the faucet in the middle too.

Not clawfoot, but still freestanding… I love the gauzy white curtain that can be pulled around the tub. And you know I’m a fan of chandeliers in unexpected places.

This one isn’t freestanding at all, but isn’t it cozy? Maybe it’s the slanted ceiling, the unusually high tub wall or the happy yellow curtain, but I could definitely spend a lot of time in here.

This is just ridiculous. Stone, hardwood and a chandelier? This is the ultimate hibernation bathtub. I feel warmer just looking at it.

Which one is your favorite? Do you have a clawfoot tub, and if so, do you like it? (I know some people don’t care for them, but I love them.) Share in the comments!

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