Victorians Smiling

16 Dec

Happy Friday!

Would you believe me if I told you this photograph was taken in the 1890s?

Doesn’t this girl look like she could fit in today?

The photo comes from a collection of pictures called Victorians Smiling on Retronaut. And I’m a bit obsessed.

The photos are haunting in that they take away the rigid austerity we usually associate with Victorians.

Victorian Girl 2

Victorian Couple

Minus the high collars and hairstyles, this couple could be in a photo booth at a wedding today. They’re adorable!

I’m so inspired by the photos in this collection. I always feel when I buy or find something antique, it has a story. These photos help me imagine the real people in those stories, not the stereotypical stern faces we usually see. It strengthens that connection.

Check out the full collection at Retronaut. You might want to wait until you have some time on your hands, though – the site is packed full of vintage photos from the 1800s on. Fascinating stuff.

Oh, and all you single ladies, you might want to read up on this before heading out this weekend. You’re welcome.

2 Responses to “Victorians Smiling”

  1. susannalazarus December 30, 2011 at 11:05 am #

    I liked this so much I blogged about it too!

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