HGTV Dream Home 2012

4 Jan

Every year, HGTV gives away a house. A whole house.

And every year, I think how overwhelming it must be to win a house. A house! But overwhelming in a good way of course – a problem I could certainly get on board with.

This year’s house is in Utah and its rustic exterior and interior match the landscape. As with most of the giveaway houses of the past, I like some of the decor choices and I’m not a fan of others. Let’s explore:

HGTV Dream Home Foyer

I love the front door and the hardwood floor (which flows throughout the home) is stunning. I’m also intrigued by the art on the wall. What do you think? It looks somewhat modern, but understated.

HGTV Dream Home Great Room

The great room is a stunner. That stone! I’d move in for the fireplace alone. Two things I’m not a fan of in this room: The painted white walls above the stone (I’d much prefer a more rustic stained wood) and the blue-checked chairs (they seem a little out of place to me).

HGTV Dream Home Master Bath

The master bathroom is beautiful and naturally sunlit. Is that penny tile? I like the way it’s neutral but still visually striking. Ah, and a bathtub. In my bathtub-less existence, the mere presence of a tub inspires high marks from me.

HGTV Dream Home Outdoor Living Room

If the great room fireplace sells the house, this fireplace is the cherry on top. I love outdoor living space and the stone makes this a natural extension of the interior. In continuing the looking-a-gift-horse-in-the-mouth theme of this post, I’m not a fan of the glass-topped decorator tables or the blue striped pillows. But I’d gladly overlook them as I settled in with a book in this spot.

To see all of the rooms in the 2012 HGTV Dream House and register to win the house (really! a whole house!) check it out here.

What do you think? What rooms do you like best?

2 Responses to “HGTV Dream Home 2012”

  1. casey January 30, 2012 at 9:28 am #

    who make that beautiful tub???

    • Katie January 31, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

      It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I’m doing some research and will let you know if I find out!

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