Let’s Talk Towels.

20 Jan

Towels. We all use them every day – let’s discuss.

White Towels

Towels are an opportunity to incorporate soft and cozy fabric into the bathroom, a room that is full of metal, tile and all things utilitarian. That’s why I love to see towels, at least a couple, on display.

Towel Rack

I’m a fan of white and fluffy towels, in case you couldn’t tell. To me, there’s just nothing like having a big cozy towel to wrap up in after a shower (or, alas, bath…sigh).

However, I’m intrigued lately by Turkish bath towels, maybe just for their jewel box colors.

Turkish Towels

What better way to start your day than by wrapping yourself in something that makes you happy?

So, what kind of towels do you use? Are you classic white and fluffy or do you match your towels to the color of your bathroom? Or have you tried out Turkish bath towels (if so, do tell!)

P.S. Macy’s Home Sale – chock full of towels – starts January 25.

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