French Arm Chair Makeover: Before

23 Jan

Look what came home with me this weekend!

French Arm Chair

Isn’t she pretty? My co-worker was giving it away and you know I was first to jump on the opportunity to spruce her up.

French Chair Detail

The bones, oh yes, they are good. The rest, not so much.

She’s been through some stuff. Stains, fading, holes – this chair need some help.

French Chair Details

I’ve done some very minor upholstery projects but I’m thinking this project might be one for the professionals. Although the DIYer (and let’s face it, cheapskate) in me is still trying to figure out a way to recover the chair by myself. We’ll see…

First things first – what do we want this little lady to look like?

grey linen chair

Horchow (this chair retails for almost $3,000!)

My first instinct is to do a lovely grey linen. I think this would look classic against the dark wood base and it would allow me to make it pop with great patterned pillows. I love the tufting in this version too.

Another take on a clean look:

French Sofa

This one is a silk. It wouldn’t be the most practical fabric for a sofa, but for an accent chair, it just might work. Plus, if I’m going to put down some money on great fabric, keeping it neutral would allow the chair to work in a number of rooms for years to come.

And then there’s this:

This is bright and fun take on the traditional and it definitely catches my eye. But is it the red high-heeled shoe compared to the classic black pump? Beautiful, but maybe a not a smart investment? Hmmm….

More food for thought…the color of this sofa reminds me of a beautifully glamourous shade of lipstick and the patterned chair has so many colors that it’d be at home in a number of rooms.

Sunny yellow is always a pretty option, especially against dark wood.

Lots of options. What do you think? Classic or funky? Have you attempted a reupholstery project? How’d it turn out? I welcome your tips!

I’ll keep y’all posted.

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