Liz Lemon, Valentine’s Day and Ikea

15 Feb

First off, I’m back baby! Sorry for the erractic posting schedule. I’ve been traveling (more on that later this week) and it’s not allowed for a lot of time to blog. But, fear not, I’m back…and with important things to discuss.

Namely, Ikea is intent on destroying our relationships.

Or, that’s at least what the 30 Rock writers want us to believe. Did you see last week’s Valentine’s episode? (I know I’m late, but Valentine’s Day was only yesterday and I’m just now catching up on the DVR!) In it, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey – duh!) and her new boyfriend Criss (the adorable James Marsden) reach a relationship milestone – their first joint furniture shopping trip.

30 Rock Ikea


They head to Ikea for a kitchen table – Liz has the one she wants picked out beforehand – only to run into all sorts of issues. First, Criss is sidetracked in the Valentine’s aisle (heart-shaped salt and pepper shakers anyone? Um, no.) while Liz is dead set on obtaining the table and making a fast exit.

30 Rock Valentine's Ikea


Criss isn’t crazy about the table once he sees it and quickly the piece of furniture becomes the spark for an argument (the table’s uptightness and ability to provide security are called into question). Ultimately, the shopping trip ends with the table being out of stock (naturally), Criss storming out and Liz sulking on a bench in the parking lot.

30 Rock Valentines Day


While hilarious, it made me think. Furniture shopping really is a relationship milestone!

Buying something like a kitchen table or a couch with your significant other calls into question both of your design styles and silently confirms a commitment. You may have kept your mouth shut about your boyfriend’s ratty tweed couch before, but now that it’s time to buy a new one together, you’re going to think long-term usage. And you’re not sitting on anything long-term that his college buddies may have passed out on.

So let’s discuss…have you bought furniture with a new boyfriend or girlfriend before? How’d it work out? PS. I don’t have an IKEA near me, so is it really that stressful? (I can’t imagine shopping with James Marsden would be all that stressful.)

Watch the whole episode below!

2 Responses to “Liz Lemon, Valentine’s Day and Ikea”

  1. Abby February 16, 2012 at 3:19 am #

    Personally I think any shopping to do with home decor is stressful with your other half. It seems to take me hours of negotiation and compromise before I can get my other half to agree on something. Or he gets his heart set on something that is “cool” and “necessary” (do you really need 7 burners on a cooker?) and there is no budging him. But on a plus point, we do both love Ikea.

    • Katie February 16, 2012 at 10:27 am #

      Haha! Thanks for the comment Abby!

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