Pretty Hotel: The Drake Hotel, Chicago

17 Feb

Recognize this hallway?

The Drake Hotel hallway

Source: The Drake Hotel

It’s the hallway of The Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago, and it plays a big role in one of the best chick flicks of all time, My Best Friend’s Wedding. (It’s where Julianne’s best friend stays before his wedding – if you haven’t seen it, go to Netflix pronto).

And last week, I got to stay there!

Never has a carpet been so thrilling.

I was fortunate to stay at the beautiful Drake Hotel while in business on Chicago and I have one word: charming. How else do you describe a hotel that greets you like this?

The Drake Hotel lobby

The Drake Hotel Upper Lobby

The Drake Hotel Flowers

Built in 1920, The Drake Hotel oozes charm and old-fashioned style, from its dark wood paneling to its cozy tufted settees.

The Drake Hotel Carved Wood

The Drake Hotel Couch

The Drake Hotel Couch 2

How gorgeous are those couches? There were about six of them throughout the lobby, set in cozy conversation nooks. I love the tufting and the two-tone covering. You can just see ladies in white gloves sitting on them, waiting for afternoon tea to begin.

The ceiling is as exceptional as the rest, with dark wood carvings and stunning chandeliers.

The Drake Hotel Ceiling

The lobby was by far my favorite part of the hotel, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my hotel room. Why? Because my hotel room had…wait for it…TWO bathrooms. Yes, one King size bed and TWO bathrooms.

The Drake Hotel Bathroom 1

Bathroom One

The Drake Hotel Bathroom 2

Bathroom Two

Why two nearly identical bathrooms? Beats me. I suppose it would have been convenient if I had been traveling with someone, but since it was a business trip, I did what any one would do. Switched between them at will…because I could.

I’ll close my ode to The Drake Hotel with an little tidbit from My Best Friend’s Wedding. Remember this scene, where Julia Roberts is leaning against the hotel room door and falls through when Michael opens it? (No? Seriously, please watch this movie this weekend.)

Julia Roberts hair

That was the scene that made 16-year-old me put down the flat iron and embrace my crazy curly hair. If Julia could look this good lying on the ground, surely I could make it work in the halls of my high school, right?

Yeah, not so much, but it was a defining moment. And it was filmed at The Drake Hotel.

Fast forward 14 years and my curly hair and I loved time spent at this beautiful hotel. If you’re in Chicago, check it out, if only for a drink in the lobby. White gloves optional.

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