Pretty Quick: Drawer Pull Kitchen Hooks

20 Feb

For me, DIY inspiration comes and goes. I could go weeks without a project and then all of a sudden I’m knee deep in sawdust and pinterest boards, excitedly skipping from one thing to the next to improve my little home.

I love how creativity comes in waves.

This weekend marked a stopping point in several back-to-back long work weeks, so I was thrilled to get a coinciding wave of decor inspiration.

Out of that wave came this simple little project that has since put a smile on my face every time I’ve passed it. And really, isn’t that the test by which all things in our lives should be judged? If it doesn’t put a smile on your face, why bother?

Drawer Pull Kitchen Hooks

I love fabric and aprons are no exception. Actually, they are a big chunk of that fabric obsession. How happy is it to be able to throw a bright piece of fabric around you as you bake cookies or frost a cake?

Admittedly, I know do these thing so seldom that my aprons sit in drawers for months at a time. But just as with any other room, the kitchen could benefit from a nice burst of happy fabric. So why not display an apron or two? And hey, maybe it will inspire me to throw one on once and awhile.


Funny coincidence: That pink apron looks almost exactly like my pink apron, found in an antique store. It must have been a popular pattern in the 50s.

I wanted “happy hooks” because there was nothing utilitarian about this projects. Aprons are pretty much fluff, sprinkles among the other practical things in the kitchen really, so their hooks should match.

I hit up Hobby Lobby, my not-so-secret source for half-price Anthropologie-esque hooks and drawer pulls. I was disappointed in their hook selection, but in the drawer pull bins, I spotted these guys:

Drawer Pulls

Pretty happy, huh? And for $2 a pop, they were even happier.

The back of the pulls, as with all pulls, were basically screws.

Drawer Pulls.Back

One problem – the front was not a screw, so getting these into my kitchen wall in their original condition wasn’t going to work. However, I got lucky…I remembered I had held on to the screws from the Curbside Beauty project.

I pulled apart the drawer pulls, stuck in the new drawer pull screws, and voila! I was ready to hang my hooks.

New Drawer Pull

After using a power drill to drill two holes in the wall, I used a screwdriver to screw each drawer pull into the wall. I hung them high so that the aprons would fall at eye level.

Hung Drawer Pulls

Drawer Pull Kitchen Hooks

Drawer Pulls Kitchen Hooks
Pin It

Kitchen with Aprons

Kitchen with Aprons 2

Lesson? Look beyond the traditional uses for things. And hold on to random screws from old projects. You never know when they might help make a room a little happier.

Not many things can put a smile on your face for $4!

What simple or not-so-simple projects have you done lately? Does creativity come to you in waves too?

This project was linked up to Thrifty Decor Chick’s Show Us Your House Party!

2 Responses to “Pretty Quick: Drawer Pull Kitchen Hooks”

  1. lovelylittleblog February 20, 2012 at 9:43 am #

    I love this idea! I’m a hobby lobby lover myself as well, and never thought of this! Such a great idea.

    • Katie February 20, 2012 at 10:08 am #

      Thanks Kira! I’m so glad you like it.

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