List Makers Unite! DIY Dry Erase Board

24 Feb

Happy Friday!

Are you a list maker? I am. I love lists. Writing them keeps me focused and crossing off tasks is totally satisfying.

Vintage Notebook

I’ve even been known to add something extra to a list JUST to be able to cross it off. Anyone else do that? No? Okay, moving on…

The notebook above is vintage – it belonged to the mom of a sweet friend of mine, and he gave it to me. How special, right? I write my grocery lists in it each week. I used to just use my iPhone, and I still do for quick trips, but there’s just something about a handwritten list for a Saturday afternoon shop.

I also always have a running list of house “to-dos.” These aren’t the boring chores, but a list of projects I’m looking to tackle in the coming weeks. A fun list deserves, well, something fun, so I created this little guy a couple of months ago.

To Do List
Pin It

With the exception of taxes – boring yet essential – this is a running list of projects and improvements on my radar for the next couple of weeks.

To create it, I took a Goodwill frame (I think it cost 10 cents), spray painted it white and inserted a poppy piece of scrapbook paper. Now, I write on the glass with a dry erase marker and erase it with a paper towel when everything’s done (might be awhile!)

I know, it’s not brain surgery, but I like it. I’ve always liked dry erase boards, but we all know they are U.G.L.Y. Much like this inspiration board, I like my “office” supplies a lot less utilitarian.

So what’s on your list? Are you going to tackle any projects this weekend?

I am thinking I’m going to start on my gallery wall and maybe finish the lamp, but that may be overly ambitious. There are Oscars to watch!

Have a great weekend!

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