The Couch, The Myth, The Legend: Chesterfield Sofas

29 Feb

The sofa. It’s ubiquitous. Right?

Except for when that sofa is a piece of history.

Ladies and gentleman (Oh, who am I kidding? Ladies…), the Chesterfield Sofa:

And I’m in love.

The Chesterfield Sofa was invented by the Earl of Chesterfield (naturally) in 1900. It was known for its tufted back and arms, and its leather covering.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

For years, it was just a couch. But, like with many other things, more modern furniture came into play and Chesterfields were relegated to grandma’s house.

But, again like many things, what was old is new again. Today, a classic Chesterfield – in its worn leather glory – can sell for several thousands of dollars. Kind of makes you want to plan a trip to grandma’s, huh?

The modern definition of a Chesterfield is a little  broader than its predecessor’s. Generally, it means a tufted sofa with arms as high as its back.

Chesterfields have been popping up in home decor blogs and magazines for the last couple of years, some genuinely classic and others re-imagined in mid-century or more modern styles.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Alec Baldwin’s character on 30 Rock even has one in his office.

30 Rock Office

Fashionistas long for a Birkin, I long for a Chesterfield.

One day.

Until then, Pinterest and Ebay surfing will have to do.

Where have you spotted a Chesterfield sofa lately? Have you found any gems hidden in antique stores or Ebay?

3 Responses to “The Couch, The Myth, The Legend: Chesterfield Sofas”

  1. Jenna at Homeslice March 11, 2012 at 5:31 pm #

    Oh goodness, I just love me a chesterfield! It elevates the entire space. Thanks for stopping by Homeslice the other day!


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