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5 Mar

I love a hand-written note. There’s just something special about creating or receiving something on actual paper, in this age of email and virtual communication.

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Yes, I’m writing this on my MacBook while my iPod buzzes next to me and I flit from Gmail to Facebook. I appreciate the irony.

But maybe that’s what makes me appreciate the hand-written note even more.

I’ve had pretty stationary on and off throughout my life, but I’m in the market for more. And, y’all, for all of our emailing ways, we live in a world of so much pretty paper!

Here are some of top contenders:

Tiny Prints.Katie

Source: Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints is known for their cute invitations and birth announcements, but they also have a good selection of customizable stationary. I like this card for its simplicity. The style is called Kate (fitting) and you can choose how to use the two lines of lettering. Maybe a quote at the bottom?

Kate Spade.Peacock Correspondence Cards

Source: Crane & Co.

Continuing with the Kate theme, this Kate Spade set of correspondence cards is sold through Crane & Co. They’re on the pricey side, but Crane & Co. tends to be the gold standard when it comes to stationary. Worth the investment? Maybe not, but they sure are pretty.

Crane & Co. Correspondence Cards

Source: Crane & Co.

These cards, also from Crane & Co., are bright and cheery. I love the colors and the simplicity of the white note space. Again, they’re a little bit pricey, but fun and poppy.


Source: LeenMachine on

Etsy is a great source for custom stationary. I really like these doily initial cards from Leen Machine. So simple, but pretty. And at $14.50 for a box of 10, they are a lot more affordable than the other options.

Do you have stationary? Where’d you find it? Or if you’re in the market, any more options to add to the list?

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