The One Where I Crush on Phoebe’s Apartment

14 Mar

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Do you remember Phoebe’s apartment on Friends?

Phoebe's Apartment on Friends

Sure, Monica’s massive apartment got the bulk of the airtime, but I’ve been watching some old episodes lately (oh Nick at Nite marathons!) and I think I would move into Phoebe’s in a heartbeat.

Phoebe's Apartment on Friends

The eclectic mix of furniture and artwork makes the place so cozy. I’m in love with the weathered green hutch in the background and the tufted green couch too (we’ve discussed my love of all things tufted). Even though all of the items are mismatched, that soft green color – see it also on the chair legs, pillows, and curtains? – pulls it all together.

mermaid coffee table

So pulled together, in fact, that the mermaid coffee table kind of blends in!

Phoebe Buffay Friends

Phoebe was always my favorite character, so maybe that’s why I’m drawn to her place. Or maybe it’s due to our mutual disdain for mass-produced furniture (remember the episode with the apothecary table)?

So, which Friends character’s apartment is your favorite?


Monica and Rachel’s?

Monica's Apartment on Friends


Ross's apartment on Friends

or Joey and Chandler’s?

Joey and Chandler's Apartment on Friends

All of the Friends’ apartments and the coffee house were the brilliant work of set designer Greg Grande.

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