Spring Furniture Painting

26 Mar

How was your weekend?

Around here, we’re having perfect Spring weather – blue skies and temperatures in the 70s. Such happy weather!


Blue Sky

When it’s this pretty on a Saturday, you go outside. And that’s just what I did.

Back before I started blogging, I inherited my family’s kitchen table from my parents. They bought a new one and I couldn’t bear to see the old one – the site of family dinners for 20 something years – hit the curb. So I brought it home and turned it into my desk.

Inspiration Board

Not a great picture of the desk, but you (maybe) get the idea. The color is a high gloss gray called Anonymous (oooh…).

Because I was anxious to get this project done, I only painted the one chair I needed at the time. The other three sat in my storage shed until this weekend.

Chairs Before

The project? Paint these puppies to match the fourth chair inside. I might use the table turned desk as a table/desk in my new place, so I’ll need the additional seating for guests, like when my supper club girls come over.

Painted Chairs Supplies

If you want to do some chair painting, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Good quality paint brush
  • Primer (I used Kilz Premium Interior/Exterior Water-Base Primer)
  • Sanding block (I used a high grit block. Some would probably use a sander, but I found it easier to get around the curves of the chair with a block.)
  • Clean cloth
  • Paint
  • Good music – this may take awhile!
  • Sunscreen (Pretty chairs and burnt skin are a bad combo.)

The most important step is sanding. These chairs were in great shape, but to make sure my paint went on smoothly, I needed to rough these up a bit. Sanding the three chairs took awhile, but it gave me a good surface to work with. Plus it gave me plenty of time to serenade my neighbors as I rocked out to the Avett Brothers. I am sure they are forever grateful.

After sanding, I used a clean cloth to wipe away the sanding grime. Once the chairs were clean, it was time to prime.

These chairs were kind of tricky with their spindles, so I found myself rolling in the grass a bit to get everything primed. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Brushing grass off your legs is a sign of a pretty good Saturday if you ask me.

Painted Chairs Primer

I let the chairs dry overnight, before applying the first coat of paint. Again, more grass rolling. Got to love this sunny weather.

Painted Chairs

Here’s the finished product. I ended up doing two coats of gray to make the chairs as sleek as possible. For now, they’re back in the storage shed. But once I move into my new place, they’ll get to live it up again as kitchen table/desk chairs. I may even make some cushions for them, if they’re lucky.

And yes, a weekend of rolling in the grass with these chairs has led me to anthopomorphize them on the blog. And that’s the biggest word you’ll see on a decorating blog today, guaranteed.

Do you have any painting projects going on? How was your weekend? (PS. What did you think of the Mad Men premiere? I’m digging Don’s new oh-so-60s apartment.)

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