DIY Greeting Cards

18 Apr

Happy Wednesday! I’m so excited to be guest blogging at the lovely Style BluePrint blog today! Click on over to see how to spruce up your door with a pretty spring wreath.

And now on to our regularly scheduled program…

I rarely get sick and it’s even rarer that I get stay-at-home sick, but yesterday, a cold relegated me to the couch.

After working remotely most of the day, I tried to do the whole sick person thing at night. I really did. I caught up on Portlandia (hilarious). I organized my Pinterest boards (oddly refreshing).

But, I was BORED.

So I made these:

DIY cards

I had all of the supplies at home, a Law and Order SVU marathon on TV and cough that made me a homebody for a day. Game on.

DIY Pencil Stamps

I used these pencils as stamps. For three, I used an exacto knife to carve out a triangle shape.

DIY GreetingCards

I used a leftover from my DIY Christmas Cards to trace out new cards from a stack of card stock.

DIY Greeting Card

I ended up with a bunch of these.


I chose some bright, springy colors from my over-the-top acrylic paint collection.

Paint 2

I used a paper plate to hold the paints and then I got to stamping.

Paint 3

Is it weird that I kind of like how the plate turned out?

DIY cards

Productive sick day, when it was all said and done! I like having handmade cards around to use as thank you cards or to attach to gifts.

I wouldn’t recommend getting sick anytime soon, but I would recommend you play with some homemade stamps next time you’re catching up on the DVR. So easy and so fun!

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