Home Tour!

22 Apr

This weekend was a big one…I officially took over the new house!

I don’t move in for a couple more weeks, but I am so grateful for the extra time to clean, organize and stand in the middle of each room, silently contemplating decor and furniture placement (this is very creepy, but totally the way I do it).

So, on Friday you met my yellow couch, today meet its new home…it’s time for a home tour!

New Living Room

Living Room

When you walk in, the first room you see is this cozy living room. The walnut floors run throughout the house (I’m a lucky girl!). It was built in 1954 and the hardwood is original. It’s a shotgun-style home, meaning each room opens into the next.

This style home is so named because you could presumably shoot a gun in the front doorway and the bullet would hit the back wall, but since I don’t like guns, I tend to think of it as an extra long runway, Tyra Banks-style. America’s Next Top Model, watch out.

New Living Room 2

Living Room, looking toward front door

Here’s another view of the living room, looking toward the front of the house. That’s the front door and – I’m going to go ahead and call it – my favorite window in the house, right in the entryway. There’s a massive tree right outside of that window and the view is wonderful. I’ll share pictures soon.

Also of note in the living room is a huge hall closet and a laundry room (you can somewhat make out the door to the far right).

Moving on…

new office and kitchen

From the living room, you step into an open area I’ll be using as a dining room/office/DIY central. It’s the perfect space for my newly painted table and chairs. I love the built-ins that frame the kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen…

new kitchen

I mentioned the home was built in 1954 and this is where 1954 really comes up to greet you. I’m so digging it. First off, those counters are let’s-share-a-milkshake-after-school red. At first, they threw me, but now I’m loving the cheery pop of color. The cabinets have been repainted, but they are original to the home.

new kitchen2

The open shelving – discussed here – is going to be a fun place to store my many,many mason jars (three have been moved in already). I’m excited to be able to display pretty food like coffee, flour, oats, beans and seeds in jars, and stash the rest in the cabinets. It’s the first house I’ve lived in without a pantry, but I think I can make it work.

new hallway

From the kitchen, a wide hallway leads to the back of the house.

New Bathroom

Here’s the bathroom. Again, retro, but I’m loving it. The floor is my favorite part of this room. I’m contemplating the colors, or lack thereof, I want to bring in here. I’m leaning toward a simple white shower curtain, since the room is so vibrant on its own. Then again….we’ll see.

new bedroom

Last but not least, my new bedroom. I can’t wait to cozy this place up. I especially love that there are three windows in the room and they let in a ton of light.  That might make waking up for those early morning jogs a little easier.

So that’s the house! More pictures to come as I get moved in. Special thanks to my lovely mama for helping me scrub it from top to bottom today – it really feels like home now!

Question: How old was the oldest house/apartment you’ve ever lived in?

One Response to “Home Tour!”

  1. Heather November 4, 2012 at 1:18 am #

    Oh I love your home! The kitchen and bathroom are the best!!! Hmmmm, I think the oldest place I ever lived in was an apartment that had originally been a hospital over a hundred years ago! It was full of character! So were the tenents but thats a story for another day! 🙂

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