Little Tea Shop Inspiration

4 May
tea shop

Source: Mandeville Hotel, London

Good morning, sunshine!

I say that to you and to all of this beautiful tea, on display at the lovely Mandeville Hotel in London (one must use the word lovely at least once in a sentence referring to London).

This image is currently inspiring me when I think about the layout of my new kitchen, specifically the open shelving.

No, I won’t be stockpiling tea, but I’m excited to have little glass jars filled with baking ingredients, almonds, pecans, cereal, granola…pretty much anything!

No more digging in a dark pantry for ingredients, or worse, collecting cereal each time I grocery shop because I never seem to see that I have about 17 million boxes already.

I think the tea shop-style shelves will cause me to cook more (I’ll always see my ingredients) and snack on my favorite healthy things like nuts and granola more (they were out of sight, out of mind before).

I’ll let you know when I find the perfect canisters (I know, you can hardly contain your excitement. Hang in there).

Moving weekend starts today. I’ll check back in Monday from among the boxes (barring any hiccups with the Internet hookup).

Have a great weekend!

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