How Big Should a Rug Be?

9 May

As I work to unpack at the new place, I’m trying not to let my mind wander to decorating just yet.

Um, yeah right.

First on my decor to-do list? A living room rug.

The living room has so far gone from looking like this on moving day:

living room moving

To this:

living room

I have most of the boxes cleared out, and I’m ready to make the space a little bit cozier with a fabulous rug.

Common decorating wisdom is that an area rug should be large enough that the front legs of each piece of furniture sit on top of it, like this:

Source: via Youa on Pinterest

That’d be an 8 x 10 rug in this space.

The room above is big enough to sport the traditional layout and still show off the hardwood floors, but my little room is not.

Since I’m not into completely covering up these lovely floors, I’m going with a 5 x 8 area rug.

I’m a rebel!

A 5 x 8 rug will leave a little gap of hardwood between the couch and the rug, and a nice border of hardwood around the rest of the room, kind of like this:

Source: via Keitha on Pinterest

Although, the rug won’t be patterned, the couch won’t be slip-covered and no creepy guy paintings are allowed.

How big do you think a room should be? If you’re trying to lay out a room/rug combo, check out this Apartment Therapy post on different styles.

Update: I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger just yet, but when I saw West Elm’s rugs were all 15 percent off right now, I just had to act. I’ll share the pictures of the updated living room as soon as the rug arrives (hopefully, it works!).

2 Responses to “How Big Should a Rug Be?”

  1. Maci Nogueira May 9, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

    Is my first time appreciating your posts and I very much like them.

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