Tip Week! Paint Brush Reviver

14 May

Hi pretties!

This week, we’re mixing things up a bit!

I’m bringing you my favorite home decor/DIY tips of all time. Some of the things I’ve already done; others are things that elicited a big wow from me – so simple, and so smart.

For more smart tips, check out my Genius Ideas board on Pinterest (and add your own in the comments!)

First up, do you have paint brushes that are hard as a rock due to old paint in the bristles?

I do! Not for long, however…

Source: thisoldhouse.com via Katie on Pinterest

This tip comes from This Old House. Who else has fond memories of Bob Vila and his endless supply of flannel?

I used to watch the show as a kid with my Dad, and even though I didn’t really know what they were doing, I found the show strangely comforting. Kind of like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood with power tools.

bob vila

Tip: Stick your brushes in a bucket of hot vinegar for about 30 minutes to soften the bristles. Then, wash with soap and water, let dry and Boom! Good as new.

How smart is that? I can’t wait to try it. Bob Vila knows all.

What’s your favorite DIY trick? Leave it below in the comments and I may use it in a future post!

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