Inside Out Approach to Decorating (aka Guts First!)

23 May

Who doesn’t love reading about guts at 7 a.m.?

Today, we’re talking metaphorical guts (as opposed to all those past posts about your actual intestines).

What are the guts of a home?



Any space behind a closed door.

These are the spaces, in my opinion, that must be in order before you can start hanging art or laying down rugs. Or else, the foundation’s sloppy. Puttin’ lipstick on a pig, as a certain bespectacled (and rather annoying) former governor might say.

So my progress  in the new place is probably not noticeable to anyone upon first glance, but look behind door number one…

linen closet

This week, I attacked the linen closet in the bathroom. I had been using it as a catchall while I moved in and it was making the morning shower routine mega-stressful.

I used several crates and baskets to corral extra toilet paper, beauty supplies and meds.

I used a deep round basket to hold curling irons, a brush (I have curly hair and only own one brush – and I honestly have never used it!) and my hairdryer.

The three-drawer organizer is stuffed with samples and travel-sized toiletries I used when I travel. I’ve got quite a collection!

Linen closet organization…rocket science? No. Something that most of y’all probably already have in your home? Most definitely.

But for me, it’s one big step toward feeling at home in my new space. Simple things like having all of my towels in one place (and not having to reach in a box to find them) mean progress. Little by little…

What makes you feel at home in a new place?

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