Tips for Maximizing Space in Small Kitchens

11 Jun

Hi there! I’m writing to you from among the fabric…specifically the bedskirt and the curtain fabric I introduced here. It’s been a whirlwind weekend of DIY over here and I’ll be sharing it soon!

Today’s post is inspired by a friend with a question.

Andrea is a grad student in Burlington, Vermont.  She just moved into a 450 sq. ft. studio, built in the 1920s. She’s wants to figure out how to make the best use of the space and reflect her fun personality on a grad student budget.

Creating the illusion of space, maximizing storage and making small spaces feel cozy – not cramped – are all common conundrums. Let’s get started!

Today we’ll tackle the kitchen. Click on images for more info.

andrea's kitchen

Andrea’s kitchen has charm, but no counter space. Not pictured is the rolling cart she’s purchased, which will help a bit.

I love the open shelving and would suggest these containers to keep the shelves neat and pretty.

For storage, she’ll need to make her cabinets work overtime.

Container Store Easy Glider

Gliders from The Container Store make full use of deep cabinets.

Pot Lid Storage

Grab an inexpensive curtain rod and utilize the side of the cabinet for pot lid storage.

Food prep is tricky without counter space, but not impossible.

Martha Stewart Cutting BoardMartha Stewart Cutting Board

Martha Stewart Cutting Board

An over-the-counter cutting board/colander creates counter space. (Look for over-the-stove styles too.)

Can Holder

A magazine holder can create vertical storage for canned food.

Magnetic Spice Storage

No counters mean no spice racks (they’re usually ugly anyway). Use the fridge!

Andrea’s studio kitchen is small, but it can still be defined as its own space.

small kitchen rug

Define the space with a graphic rug (use a rug pad to prevent slipping). Keep the rest of the decor to a minimum. A small kitchen should be all about function.

anthropologie deco knob

Swapping cabinet hardware is an easy way to make a kitchen yours and define the space within a studio apartment. I love these knobs for Andrea’s place for their 1920s vibe and also because the transparency won’t stop the eye, making the kitchen appear larger.

elephant hook

Have a little fun! No need for ordinary kitchen hooks when there are elephants. Use fun hooks (monochromatic will work best) for keys, oven mitts and measuring cups.

What are your tips for maximizing a tiny kitchen?

I’ll be back soon with more small space ideas for Andrea’s cute new place. Stay tuned!

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