Une Escapade Française!

22 Jun

Hi there! This week I’m having fun and learning like crazy at the Haven Conference. While I’m there, check out the Every Day Pretty Facebook page and Instagram for real-time updates. I’ll be back next week to share all the Haven fun!

Join me on a French getaway, won’t you?

South of France

South of France.2

South of France.3

South of France.3

South of France.6

South of France.7

South of France.8

South of France.9

South of France.10

South of France.11

South of France.12

South of France.13

South of France.15

This magical place is called Moulin du Jardinier and it is nestled in the hills of Mouans Sartoux in the South of France. The converted 15th century mill house is available for rent by the week, starting at $15, 700.

For more information, visit the wonderful 1 Kind Design.  If you’re ready to book our trip (I’m a great travel partner and I make a mean pancake), visit here.

2 Responses to “Une Escapade Française!”

  1. Leslie July 7, 2012 at 8:52 am #

    Wow! This place is amazing. Let me figure out how to scrounge up $15,700 and we should go 😉

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