Coffee Table: Found!

15 Aug

This post is a lesson in never say never.

Remember a while back when I posted about the coffee table of moment?

Home Decorators

brickmakers table

Restoration Hardware

I kind of mocked the fact that the table style was popping up in every home decor blog and magazine.

At $350 (West Elm) to $1400 (Restoration Hardware)  prices for the style varied widely. And, if you’ll recall, another man had caught my eye:

gold coffee table

Well, that was until this weekend. In a tour through Sheffield Antiques (seriously, it’s my happy place), I saw something I couldn’t quite believe.  Hidden beneath a pile of knick knacks in a back booth was my coffee table.

Was it gold and spindly and Queen-approved?


Was it iron and wood and previously featured in Elle Decor, House Beautiful and DesignSponge?


Was I in love?



I’d seen the table a million times before, but for some reason, this time, it felt right. Banged up reclaimed wood? Check. Antiqued iron base? Check.

Oh, and did I mention it was $30?

$30! Like less than a haircut. Less than a tank of gas. Less than $1400! (Looking at you Restoration Hardware!)

The price wasn’t the deciding factor, but it did push me to buy it and worry about whether I’d like it in the room later.

That little bit of not caring paid off. I got it home, stepped back and beamed. At last, I found my coffee table!

coffee table closeup

Now, things aren’t quite perfect yet. Bringing in the new coffee table made me realize this end table – pictured below circled in red – gots to go.

See how there’s air underneath the other end table and air underneath the coffee table?

I need air under the left end table. It’s looking a little too solid over there. (Remember this tip for making spaces feel bigger?)

So, next on the mental shopping list is an airy end table. That might just be where I indulge my gold and spindly craving.

What have we learned? Never say never.

And never, NEVER, pay full retail price.

PS. The yellow couch isn’t really that radioactive shade of yellow it’s appearing to be. It was late when I was editing these pictures and I was playing around with the exposure, and, well…I don’t really know what I’m doing. 🙂 It’s more of a pale yellow in real life.

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