Going for the Gold: Part 2

4 Sep

How was your Labor Day weekend?

I hope it was as relaxing as mine, which consisted of baking, shopping, Downton Abbey marathons, the last stretch of birthday celebrations and getting some art on this place’s naked walls.

Sponge Painting

I’ve been wanting to fill the large wall in my bedroom for some time, but the sheer size of it had me at a loss for what to do. A few weeks ago, I remembered the large fabric-covered canvas I had hung above the couch in my old place. It was pre-blog, so no pictures, but it looked good at the time.

The fabric doesn’t really go with the new place, but the large canvas does! After tearing off the fabric and covering the entire canvas in white primer – the canvas used to be a really, um, let’s say interesting, splatter painting – I was ready to start anew.

You may recall my love of gold right now, so I decided to carry a bit of that into the bedroom. There are already touches of it in my mirror and in the curtain fabric, so I knew it would work. I wanted some texture, so I decided to sponge on some gold acrylic paint.

Sponge PaintingI know what you’re thinking. Sponge painting? You mean the horror from childhood bedrooms in the early 1990s? Sponge painting has a bad reputation, and a lot of it warranted. But, if you use the technique sparingly (i.e. on a canvas instead of on a whole room) it can be pretty modern.

Sponge PaintingAfter dipping the natural sea sponge in water and ringing it out completely, I dipped the sponge in the paint and started dabbing it around the canvas. I worked outward in a circular motion, but really had no further intention for how things would turn out.

This was the third life of this old canvas, so I kind of just wanted to see what would happen.

Sponge PaintingHere’s the finished product. It has a marbled feel to it, almost as if I crumbled up a piece of gold paper and then flattened it out again.

I love the waves created throughout, and even how the texture from the previous splatter painting comes through just a bit.

The best part? When I grow tired of it, I can just slap on some primer and start again. I have a feeling this canvas may live many a life by the time I’m through with it.

Do ever paint over old canvases? What’s your favorite piece of art in your home?

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