Kitchen Dancing

10 Sep

What is it about the kitchen that begs for some dancing? When I’m cooking or doing dishes, I’ve got to have some upbeat tunes playing. It gets me thinking…what’s the soundtrack for your home?

For me, Sunday mornings are for Otis Redding, Al Green, The Temptations and a host of other soulsy singers. Something about those old songs makes doing the dishes a little more fun, and it’s the perfect background music for brewing some coffee and whipping up a lazy Sunday breakfast.

MadonnaWhen I’m getting ready to go out, girly pop is where it’s at. Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears…oh yes. Nothing says “gettin’ pretty” like applying lip gloss to a little Vogue. Don’t judge.

avett brothersLately, the all-around soundtrack of Casa Katie has been the new album from the Avett Brothers. It’s brilliant from start to finish, like their other albums. It’s available tomorrow; check it out if you’re in need of some great fall music!

What’s the soundtrack of your home?

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