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First Weekend of Fall

8 Oct

This weekend, it finally felt like fall!

The air was crisp enough to pull out an extra quilt for the bed, break out a scarf and swing by Starbucks for an oh-so-delicious hot apple cider.

I also had a few lazy mornings of magazine reading over breakfast.


The first of the holiday catalogs arrived!

apple cinnamon oatmeal

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal – yummy and makes the house smell amazing!

Friday night after a great dinner with a dear friend, I returned home to a power outage. A freak storm had brought crazy winds and rain to the area, and it took our power along with it. The result? Candle burning, blankets and reading by flashlight…I can’t say I was so disappointed…


I did get out and about Saturday though, and cherished the opportunity to wear some of my fall clothes (I had to restrain myself from piling on too many layers in excitement).

I hit up one of my favorite antique stores, South Front Antiques, and almost squealed (ok, so I kind of did) when I found myself all alone in a room – a whole room! – of antique shutters.

I didn’t take a picture of this wonderful room because of the previously mentioned squealing, but here’s a picture of the almost-as-cool elevator shaft from the third floor. This building is itself an antique and so fun to explore.


Just one of the cool things at South Front Antiques

Back to the shutters…after a while of perusing, and talking to the owner about the origins of several, I settled upon two very different styles that caught my eye when I first entered the room.


Here’s one…it’s from the 1890s, probably from a house on either Pontiac or Vance in downtown Memphis. The old wood has aged beautifully.

I’ll share this week how I’m going to incorporate both shutters in at home. And yes, staring at them smiling is part of how they will be incorporated.

How was your weekend? What did you do that felt like fall?


Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

23 Nov Thanksgiving Prep


Thanksgiving Prep

Take a minute to notice the pretty all around you.

My kitchen is buzzing today…what are you prepping for the big day?

Pretty Quick: Charming Wine Glasses

22 Nov

This year, make your wine glasses dress for dinner.

Adding wine charms to your glasses not only fancies them up, but ends the whole “Whose drink is this?” confusion. So grab those naked wine glasses from the cabinet and get inspired. This is something you can do right before your guests arrive and it will make a big impact.

Ornament Wine Charm

This is what I’ll be doing at my Thanksgiving get-together Wednesday night. Buy some mini-ornaments (meant for those mini-trees) and string them on raffia. Cute, huh? A festive pop for your drinks and a little Christmas without putting up the tree.

Here are some other great ideas from the blogosphere:

Centsational Girl Wine Charms

Kate from Centsational Girl  brings the bling with these brilliant DIY wine glass charms. How cute are the personalized ones too?

Scrapbook Wine Charms

Over on Smallgood Hearth, these wine glass charms were made from scrapbook decals! This particular set were for Halloween – you could tweak the idea for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Extra pressed for time? Better Homes and Gardens has you covered. Download their leaf wine glass charms template, print it out and attach to your guests’ glasses.

leaf charm

Are you using wine charms for your holiday parties?

Pretty Movies: You’ve Got Mail

3 Nov

It’s November!

Have I mentioned how much I love November?

It’s a month filled with anticipation. The holidays are coming. And since Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday, November and I are pretty tight.

But, I accept the fact that maybe not everyone does a dance of joy when the November Pottery Barn catalog arrives.

Enter the best fall movie celebration of all time, You’ve Got Mail. If this movie doesn’t get you excited for the season, nothing will.

It’s no Oscar winner, I realize, but in terms of celebrating the season, it’s got it all:

Over-sized sweaters

You've Got Mail Sweaters

Floppy-eared Golden Retrievers

You've Got Mail Dog, Brinkley

Curling up with a good book

Story Time

Cute dressed-up kids

Cute kid

And, of course, Autumn in New York

Shop Around the Corner

Is there a more perfect rom-com pairing than Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? I think not.

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks

AND, if the fall thing isn’t doing it for you, check out the interiors in this movie.

Director Nora Ephron is known for hooking her single-girl heroines up with some sweet, albeit fabulously-fiction, city apartments in her movies and she certainly doesn’t disappoint here.

Check out those built-ins! The lamp could be cute too, maybe with a drum shade?


The intricate painted wood trim really makes this entryway. The whimsical bedroom is eclectic but still pulled together.


Meg Ryan Bedroom
And this ode wouldn’t be complete without a shot of the charming Shop Around the Corner interior. Don’t you love those floors?

Shop Interior

Decorated for the holidays:

Christmas Interior Shop

None of the characters’ homes (or workplaces) are too shabby. Even if their 1998 computers take up half a room each.

For more on on the movie’s lovely interiors and some great pictures, check out Hooked on Houses or The Devine Home.

Dreaming of rustling leaves and pumpkin pie yet? Or maybe you just want to give your MacBook an extra hug for not taking 20 minutes to get you to the Internet? (C’mon you know the modem sound in the movie is oddly comforting…).

Do you have any movies you watch every year around this time? Any movie homes you’re in love with?

The Changing of the Wreaths: Part 2

31 Oct Fall Wreath 1
So, it’s officially fall weather around these parts (Yay! Boots!) and, as promised, I’ve got a brand new wreath to greet the season.
Fall Wreath 1
I had originally planned to add more flowers, but I was really digging the simplicity so I backed aways from the hot glue gun. What do you think?
Fall Wreath 2

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Here’s how to make a yarn wreath for your door:

Gather the supplies listed in this post.

Heat up your glue gun and use a small dot of glue to secure the end of your yarn to the form. Pull out a good amount of yarn and cut it from the rest – it’s just easier to work with it this way.

Then, start wrapping the yarn around the form, careful to not leave gaps. You can secure it at places along the way with the hot glue gun. If you’re feeling extra colorful, you can switch up the yarn colors throughout.

This step is going to be time-consuming, I won’t lie. But it’s also really simple so it’s a perfect project to do while catching up on the DVR.

Once your wreath form is covered and secured with a dot of glue, it’s time to add the pretty.

Use your hot glue gun to adhere the flowers (or whatever you’ve chosen to use). Keep stepping back to take a look and determine how full you want your wreath to be.

Then, use a wreath hanger or a pretty piece of ribbon to hang the wreath on your door.

Boom! Bring on the season.

So are you as into seasonal wreaths as I am? Have you dressed your front door for fall?

The Changing of the Wreaths

27 Oct Spring Wreath

The beginning of each new season is exciting, but in my opinion, fall wins hands down.

Coziness abounds, from breaking out the boots and sweaters to making your home a warm little place to be for the upcoming winter.

Love it.

Each new season brings with it one tradition in my house: The Changing of the Wreaths.

One of my favorite ways to usher in any new season is with a new front door wreath. There are so many styles that are simple to make. And, to me,  the handmade look just adds to the charm.

Back in April, I made this Spring/Summer Wreath that’s been on the front door ever since.Spring Wreath

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It’s pretty, but I feel like I need something a bit more “fall.”

So, the plan this weekend is to create a new one and relegate this one to the back door. (It’s not really a demotion, since we mostly use the back door anyway. Spring/Summer Wreath will still get plenty of love.)

Want to make your own yarn wreath? There are a bunch floating around on Pinterest and they are all a bit different.

I’ll be back next week with a full tutorial, but if you want to get started this weekend, here’s what you’ll need:

Wreath form (I use the Styrofoam forms you can find at craft stores. You can even DIY one if you’re so inclined.)

Yarn (The amount depends on the size of the wreath form, but one ball of yarn should do it.)

Something pretty (I use artificial flowers* from Michael’s, but I’ve seen people use ribbon, grass, etc. )

Hot glue gun

Something good on TV – this might take awhile.

*A word on artificial flowers:  I hate them. I like real, living, breathing flowers. But, for an outdoor wreath , fake flowers are the best option. To make them look as realistic as possible, choose colors that would occur in nature. Turquoise tulips? Step away.

I’ll be back with a tutorial and the finished fall wreath soon.

Until then, I leave you with an image of a fall decorating fail, courtesey of my own front porch.

Deflated Pumpkin

Have you ever seen a pumpkin deflate? I had not, until this morning.

This sad little guy was a victim of our neighborhood squirrels, I believe.

I hope they enjoyed their feast.

Are you up to any Fall decorating this weekend? Any tips on keeping pumpkins squirrel-free?