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January Blues Buster: Pretty Tile Coasters

9 Jan Tile Coaster in Action

Do you feel like your house is empty, now that you’ve taken down the Christmas decorations?

I do. It’s amazing how warm the garland and lights of Christmas can make a room feel and how cold it can become after they’re removed.

Since taking down my decor, I’m on a mission to bring the cozy back. One little way to do that is to take an everyday item – a coaster – and make it into something pretty and unique.

Best part? The whole project costs pennies.

Tile Coaster Supplies

First, gather your supplies. You’ll need:

  • 4 x 4 tiles, available at hardware stores (I found them for under a dollar at Home Depot.)
  • Scrapbook paper, cut into squares slightly smaller than the face of the tile
  • Mod Podge (This was my first time working with the stuff – I now understand why it’s so popular!)
  • Clear Acrylic Coating Spray (Matte or Glossy; I used Matte)
  • Self-adhesive felt
  • Foam brush (I’d grab a couple – they break easily and regular paint brushes aren’t as easy to work with.)
  • Scissors

Next, dip your foam brush in the Mod Podge and paint a thin layer of it on a tile. Then, place a cut piece of scrapbook paper on the tile, give it another layer of Mod Podge and set it aside to dry.

Once the tiles have dried (about 20 minutes or so), take them outside and spray them evenly with the Clear Acrylic Coating. I placed them all touching in a shallow cardboard box for this step to protect my driveway.

Let them dry overnight. I wanted to be extra-sure they were waterproof, so I sprayed my coasters once more with the Clear Acrylic Coating, letting them dry again for several more hours. You can test them out by dripping a bit of water on them and making sure it bubbles up.

Once dry, cut felt squares slightly smaller than the tiles, remove the adhesive backing and place on the bottom of the coasters.

Tile Coasters

Ready for Acrylic Coating

Tile Coaster in Action

Tile Coaster in Action

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These make great gifts too. I made a bunch as Christmas presents this year.

Tip: Don’t attempt this project after a manicure. You fingertips will be covered in Mod Podge. It’s a complete throwback to elementary school art class.

Most people wouldn’t think of cold square tile as cozy, but adding the pop of color through the scrapbook paper make these coasters a bright everyday item. You can even use photos! Follow the same process, but instead of scrapbook paper, use photos printed out on cardstock.

How are you making your home pretty after taking down the Christmas decor?